In Appointment + Payment Required not working. Please help.

Hello everyone. I am getting our Appointment + page together and came across a recent issue after updating to 1.1.8. Not sure if my issue is related to the update or not but I thought I would throw out what version I am currently running. I am this with using WordPress 3.4.2.

I am having a problem with my site not forwarding to the Paypal Sandbox. I have the app_paypal shortcode entered but the PayPal button will not show up and I have Payment Required set to Yes along with my PayPal email address entered in correctly. I get a button that says Please Click Here To Confirm Appointment. When I click the button I get a message that states, "We have received your appointment. Thanks!" instead of the payment confirmation button that would take you to PayPal when clicked. I have searched all over. Am I missing something? Please help.