In Assessment For individual Student why 0% shows, when the grade is not on?

why do cp-course-grade final-grade show 0% when all are done? Look at elements with classes unit-grade and cp-course-grade final-grade if this is the grade, why does it show, when the grade is not on?
Why doesn't it progress like in the workbook-table? If this is cp-course-grade, and grade is not on the course, why when show it? This is misguiding.... Why not show the .course-completion-progress ?
The problem is that when elements have grading off, the grading is still showing in the workbook.
In other words, just putting the text in front of the prosent will do a lot. When people can understand what they're looking at if it os a grade or course-completion-progress...

A quick fix for me will be to put in text in front of all class: .cp-course-grade final-grade. so the user of the platform understand that this is grade, and not progress
if: <span class="cp-current-grade">0%</span>
.cp-current-grade {
display: none;

  • Ari

    Hi Morfjord,

    I understood your feelings, I made some quick fixes for you!
    Since you are using Coursepress over 2 years, if you help me to replicate the problems over this issue, to understand why this is happening, and is this a bug in our plugin? or it should be a feature?

    Once I understand the details, I can flag the developer to fix it or improve it more further.

    By the way, All I see that you pointed 3 spots, you need to hide them if the text is 0%, So I made a snippet of JavaScript to hide them:

    	$(', .cp-module-grade-info .cp-current-grade, .cp-unit-toggle .unit-grade').each(function() {
    		if( $(this).text().trim() == '0%') $(this).hide();

    About this line: this is the selectors for the 3 spot, you can remove anyone from here. these are separated with comma ", ".
    $(', .cp-module-grade-info .cp-current-grade, .cp-unit-toggle .unit-grade':wink:

    first one is to hide the first image spot.

    second is for second image spot.

    and third one is for third spot.

    Now how to add these JavaScript codes?
    Please install this plugin:
    And add the above script in the "Add Custom JS" tab on this plugin and make sure you selected "In Admin" since that panel is admin panel. please check the screenshot:

    Make sure you purged cache from cache plugin if you use, also from cloudflare if you use.
    Let me know is it worked for you, and also give me further instruction for this issue to permanently resolve it.

    Regards, Ari

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