in easy mode the link disappears =[Pay With a Like] You didn't select any buttons. Plugin will

So what I want to do is allow users to access their plugins so I added a plugins.php link in easy blogging and called it tools, great, job done.

Now the other issue is, to allow users from free to other pro site levels access the settings for the plugins they have activated.

I do not want all plugins to auto activate and I want to allow users to set their own settings

so how do i make a link in easy blogging so users can access settings?



(have looked at the coding methods, all a bit um and ah

  • John Taylor

    Hi there Alexander,

    I got that, that I worked out.:slight_smile:

    Maybe i was not clear enough, i got as for as individual like to every single page or plugin

    As not all users have the same plugins, just wanted 1 settings button so that the appropriate setting open up as in when in normal dashboard.

    We have four levels, there is only one setting for easy mode menu items.

    or am I missing something here?



  • Alexander

    Hi @aeyrand,

    Thanks for the clarification, I see what you mean now. There really isn't a way to do this with Easy Blogging. It simply provides a way to link somewhere else - there isn't a way to detect whether or not a plugin is active.

    To minimize menu items, you could create one Easy Blogging menu item that links to your own custom admin page. From there you could link to the other pages, but it still doesn't solve the problem of doing it conditional by Pro Sites level.

    Unfortunately to do what you're asking would call for a good bit of custom development. Pro Sites has a function called is_pro_site that you can use in custom code to detect if a blog is at a particular level or not. This is the function plugins use when integrating with Pro Sites.

    Best regards,

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