In Page SEO Meta Box does not show for Subsite admins

I’m using Smart Crawl with multisite.

In Network Admin Dashboard > SmartCrawl > Settings > User Roles
I have set “In page SEO meta box” to “Site Admin (and up)”

But the Site admins doesn’t see the edit metabox under the WordPress editor. No SmartCrawl options appear at all for site admins. As super admin, I see smartcrawl options under WordPress editor.

This happens when Settings is disabled in
Network Admin Dashboard > SmartCrawl > Settings > General Settings > Site Owner Permissions
The subsites should follow the permission settings when this is disabled. Right?

This will only work if the
Site Owner Permissions > Settings in Network Admin Dashboard is enabled and the permission to “Site Admin (and up)” is set in the Subsite Admin > SmartCrawl > Settings > User Roles