In Post Ad plugin: want advert to just appear on home page

Hi WPMU DEV team -

I am using the In Post Ads plugin to create a static banner advert. It is awesome for that! Thanks...
It is the banner that appears on the home page of this site here:

However, I want this to only appear on the home page.

At the moment this is appearing on every page on the site. Is there a way to set it so that this ad only appears on the home page?

I have used a plugin called "Add Category to Pages" to assign a category to just the home page - but this doesn't seem to work.

I also tried using some custom CSS but that hasn't seemed to work (eg to exclude it appearing on certain pages).

Also tried to do what is suggested here - - but to no avail...

I just want the advert to appear only on the home page. Any help you can provided to achieve this will be really appreciated.

I have granted support access to the website so that someone from the WPMU Dev team can check this out if needs be...

Thanks guys - really appreciate your help with this!