[In Post Ads] Don't understand how to use In Posts Ads

I've installed and set up the In Post Ads plugin, hoping for a simple way to inject Adsense into the website, but I must be missing something as all I'm getting is an empty box.

I've set up an ad, and copied the ad script code in (using text/html mode). I can't see any other settings to determine which ad to show (there is only one) or any other setting that would indicate display or not (except for limiting to certain categories or tags, which I don't currently want to do).

What am I missing?

(There appears to be no documentation and I've searched the forums to no avail.)

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Arthur

    I hope you're fine today and thank you for your question!

    The In Post Ads plugin is quite a simple tool so there's not much that can be configured. It's supposed to inject adds - whatever ads you put into it - into the post/page at certain position (e.g. after 2nd paragraph).

    However, it's possible that there's some conflict with the theme (it heavily depends on the HTML output generated by the theme) or some other plugin or it might need some additional "tweaking".

    That being said, I'd like to take a closer look at it. Would you mind enabling support access to the site for me so I could check it? To do so, please go to the "WPMU DEV -> Support" page in your site's back-end, click on "Grant support access" button there and let me know here once it's done.

    I'll then access the site and check what's happening and what could be done to solve that.

    Best regards,

  • Arthur

    Hi again,
    I just checked again and thought I was being impatient as I've only just created the new site on adsense...(it was saying "getting ready" still).

    I've just tried it on my blog, where I had installed another plugin, for some reason, and it's been displaying (too many) ads. Having disabled the old plugin and activated In Post Ads, and configured it to do the same thing, I'm getting a blank box on there too.

    However, I'm also getting another ad which had been showing with the other plugin, despite clearing the server cache within WP, though this may be because of CloudFlare, so I'll go and manually reset things there to see if that sorts it out.

    When adding Adsense code to the other plugin, ads started showing up immediately...

    I'm confused! Probably worth waiting for CloudFlare, though.

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi Arthur,

    There are couple of console errors on your posts when the ads code is included, however it seems that this is not related to In Post Ads plugins because I tried adding the code directly in post and it showed the same issue.

    Please double check that the code you are using correct and if it is I would suggest getting in touch with your hosting provider to see if there's anything in server logs about ads being blocked.

    Best regards,

  • Arthur

    Hi Predrag,

    Sorry for the delay responding, I had a big, urgent job come in.

    I've tried to reply several times but I get an error and I keep forgetting to copy and paste when I try again. So I'll have to keep this short this time.

    Basically SiteGround (who are excellent) don't use ad-blockers). I have also tried changing the code to a simple banner ad, which seems to be a bit better, but things don't match the settings.

    Worst of all, things appear to be totally random. Sometimes no ads appear and on multiple refreshes, different numbers of ads appear, sometimes with the empty box.

    Could you please have another look, first on the posts themselves (with multiple refreshes to see what happens your end), and I've also re-enabled support access so you can play with the settings.


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Arthur

    I checked the site and it seems that at this moment:

    - the "In Post Ads" plugin is set to not inject ads into posts in it's settings but they are set to be added to "Pages"
    - but the Ad Sense ads themselves seem to be "auto placed".

    The second thing seems to be particularly important here. Google introduced "automatic ads placement" some time ago. I"m not an expert in AdSense but there are so called "page level ads" that basically "do whatever they want" once only the code is added to the site - it's Google scripts that arbitrary choose where to place the ads and places them, pretty much without your control.

    I'm not 100% sure if the ad code is different for it or if you need to change something in Ad Sense configuration (most likely related to "ad units" there) but I'd suggest checking it because using such automatically placed ads it will be impossible to gain any control over when and where on site the ads show up.

    I also tried to check the ad code but apparently a "siteground" user was doing something there at the very same time so I didn't want to interrupt but if any changes are currently being made to the ads/ads configuration and they doesn't help, let me know please what exactly was done there so I knew what to look at/for.

    Best regards,

  • Arthur

    Hi Adam,

    I think I've sorted it. It was a combination of things, so it's taken me a while to finally nail it down. There are a couple of things which might help others so I'll get it all down here.

    First of all, after re-reading your reply I checked if there were any other instances of the code, and I found I had a custom html widget with the auto ads code in - hence the repeated ads! You'd think Google of all people would be better at ad placement and not place ads every third paragraph, but hey. I've removed auto ads and have much more control now.

    Well, after playing with the In Post Ad settings too. I guess I must have added page ads too, but thought that with the "do not auto-inject into posts" setting at "no" it would ignore it - and didn't realise that clicking again removed it (doh!).

    I now have just one ad on the shorter posts, and have even used a shortcode which I picked up from this thread - except the shortcode itself clearly had a typo, with a ? instead of a ". For future reference, as I cannot find it anywhere else on the interweb, what works is [wdca_ad id=”Adsense"] where, of course, the Adsense is the actual ID of the In Post Ad - I simply used the name, which is cool that this works, so you don't have to find the numerical ID (though it's simple enough to get, from the URL, of course).

    I have used the shortcode on a page where I didn't like where the auto-insert happened and it seems to override it nicely. I'm using Elementor so I created a two column section and had part of the post flow past the ad on the right - since I'm using a responsive Adsense ad unit, it automatically resizes. It's not perfect, but it works fine: https://www.arthurkendall.com/life-and-reflections/magical-mystery-tour/

    I have a bit of a problem on the longer post, https://www.arthurkendall.com/conscious-living/accessing-consciousness-unleash-your-power/ where I have inserted two ads, in that I had to create a separate ad to use a separate ID, of course, in the shortcode, but both ads appear much smaller than the box, for some reason. But that may be because the adcode hasn't propagated properly yet, as it takes 20-30 minutes to show up. Will try again later.

    Thanks again!

  • Arthur

    Quick update, I had the idea of just copying the same adsense code from one ad to the other and now they both work (clearly I had created a duff ad unit on Adsense...).

    The weird thing was that on other longer posts which used auto-inject (I have the number of ads set to 2, with the second after 10 paras) was that the second ad seemed to use the other ad, even though I removed the ad category, so in theory it should have only been showing the one ad in the configured ad category.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hi Arthur

    First of all, I'm glad that you managed to sort things out and thank you very much for such a wonderful explanation on what have you found and done and how. I'm sure this will be of great help to some other Members too! Thank you!

    As for this:

    The weird thing was that on other longer posts which used auto-inject (I have the number of ads set to 2, with the second after 10 paras) was that the second ad seemed to use the other ad, even though I removed the ad category, so in theory it should have only been showing the one ad in the configured ad category.

    I admit I'm not quite sure if I understand what is happening. What do you mean by "the second ad seemed to use the other ad"?

    Best regards,

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