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i have a couple questions about this plugin

  • Joanne
    • New Recruit

    i’m curious about a couple of your plug ins and how they would work with my site:

    in post ads


    i have one main site Qpond.ca and about 5 subdomains.. they are not multi site, these are single wp install subdomains.

    how does or will in post ads work on my auto site for example when it’s a theme that i didn’t create. Autopond.qpond.ca is the site i’m curious about.

    and invite… how does this work exactly.. does it put a button somewhere that poeple can click.. like where does the invite option appear

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello Joanne

    Thank you for additional information.

    As for In Post Ads:

    This plugin doesn’t require site to be a Multisite install. You can install it on any regular singke WP installl. There’s no requirements to use a custom made theme/theme made by you as well. If only the theme follows WP standards, it should be fine.

    If any issue occurs, we’ll help you troubleshoot and fix it.

    As for Invite.

    This is a simple “invitation” plugin that let’s you send “invitiation e-mails” but it’s only for Multisite installs so it will not work on your sites, I’m afraid.

    I would recommend this plugin instead:


    Best regards,


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