In Protected Content, what is the best way to add another item to one user's account...


In Protected Content, what is the best way to add another item to one user's account?

For example, they purchase a recurring item monthly for $100 (just for the sake of having a number). Then, a few days or weeks later, they want to add another separate item for a additional $100 monthly. Can the use the same account and buy the product/service again for a second time so that both charges OR more will continue billing independently?


Separate question...also if a item by itself (when someone purchase is only $100) but they want to create a package for 5 items for $500 all at one time can they add the item quantity for 5 and then will they also be billed for those 5 items monthly?

***I am most interested in adding additional items after they have already bought 1 item in protected content (really it is buying multiple subscriptions at the same level/tier for specific services to be more specific just FYI)...


  • Michelle Shull

    Hello again, Greg!

    Members can have multiple active memberships at once, so if a member wanted to buy both your Platinum tiered membership and your Special simple membership, they could have both at the same time. If the content availability between the two memberships differs, I believe the membership with the most content available is the default there. So, for example, if Jenny had a Platinum and a Special membership, and Platinum allowed her to see all your menu items, but Special only allowed members to see half of the items, Jenny would see the menu via the Platinum rules, so she could see the whole menu. Does that make sense?

    On your second question, do you mind giving me a more concrete example of what your concern is here? Are you wanting to create membership bundles? Or are you curious if a member buys, say, five recurring subscriptions, they'll have five separate accounts?

    Thanks for any extra details here, Greg, and happy Friday!

  • Greg

    @Michelle Shull

    I will try it if that is how it works ... perfect.

    But, I saw notices in PC that it one added another membership then other memberships would be canceled...what does that mean? Is there a setting that needs adjustment ing to be sure concurrentl subscriptions can be purchased at one time?


    Regarding packages, I did submit a separate thread on it...but now I don't see the ability for people to choose multiple quantities with one checkout. It would be nice to over packages of levels at one time (and give discounts based those packages too)....see the other thread I submitted right after this one earlier...

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  • Michelle Shull

    Hey Greg!

    AHA! I should have thought of that step. Glad it's sorted! Here's what Philipp shared on the plugin:

    1. Each paid membership that the user signs up for is also charged. E.g. you have a "cooking" and one "gardening" membership someone can sign up for one of them or for both. If signing up for both, then one will be charged for both independently.
    2. Every user can either be in a membership or not. He can sign up multiple times only once the subscription finished (but again, the "quantity" can either be 0 [non-member] or 1 [member])

    Currently the only way to solve this is to create some kind of combination/quantity memberships, e.g. "cooking", "gardening", "cooking & gardening" or "1 Tutorial", "3 Tutorials", "10 Tutorials".

    Currently, the team is looking to add some cool features for bundled memberships, but as of right now it's not in the immediate plans.

    Hope this helps clear it up, Greg! Happy Sunday!

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