in Q&A, any answer results in the question marked as "answered", should that be the ca


I’m testing Q&A, which I find to be very interesting. I noticed that any answer to the question thread marks it as “Answered”.

This can often be false. For instance, If I ask “what is the color of a crow?” and someone answers “I don’t understand your question”, the question will appeared and “answered”, which is not the proper status.

Only the original poster should be able to mark his/her own question as “answered” or if an answer was voted enough, then the question should be considered “answered”.

What do you think? As it stands, having partial answers marked as “Answered” is semantically correct, but can be misleading for users who would interpret that as “solved”.


  • 3SixtyEvolve
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    @hubert Nguyen

    Hi Hubert

    Thank you for your post and being part of our Community!

    Currently the Q&A plugin doesn’t have the feature to moderate answers. Answers can be accepted, voted up or voted down, but not moderated. I do agree that this would be an excellent feature for this plugin.

    Now a possible workaround would be to use our Moderation plugin (although this is only for multisites). Another option would be to try a user role plugin, like for instance the User Role Editor.

    With Q&A activated, make sure you have a default role you’re going to assign to members, then from the User Role Editor plugin provide that role with the ability to edit questions and answers, but not the ability to publish them. This is how the ‘contributor’ role works with regular posts by default. The result should be that this user role can create/edit questions and answers, but you will need to come along and ‘publish’ them.

    Hope this helps.

    Let me know if you need any further assistance.


  • Hakan
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    Hi Hubert Nguyen,

    I am a little bit lost here. Is there a confusion about “answered” and “accepted”?

    Anyone who is permitted to submit an answer can answer a question (except the author himself), but only the author can accept an answer.

    So there may be as many answers as people submit, but they are not necessarily need to be accepted (or “solved” as you say it), unless question author accepts.

    Are you encountering a case where you see any answer becomes accepted automatically?

    Can you give a link to your website please?



  • Hubert Nguyen
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    Hello Hakan,

    I’m currently working on a local server, so I don’t have a link handy.

    It turns out that one of my template customization made me the “checkmark” that says “solved”. You answer made me come back to TwentyEleven and I realized what was happening — thanks!

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