In stalling WP Multisite with or without "www" prefix

I am not clear on the implication of installing WP multi-site with or without "www" prefix. On a single site installed this can be changed easily after the installing from the general settings. However this is not he case for the mulit-site installs in my understanding. In some of the hosts (like Site5 it seems that forces the install without prefix if I chose the install in my specific questions are:

1. Is it mandatory not to have "www" prefix for multi-sites install in subdomains?
2. What are the benefits/disadvantages to have/not to have "www" prefix in the primary URL
2. If a multi-site was installed in subdomains without "www" prefix can I change the primary URL to contain the prefix. If yes how can I do it?

Thanks in advance. Janos

  • DavidM
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    Hi Janos,

    From all I've seen, Multisite has trouble with the 'www' prefix and it's heavily encouraged not to use that prefix, but to keep your domain as the non-www version for Multisite usage.

    I hear it's possible to use 'www' (I've not tried it myself with a sub-domain setup), but it's quite a hassle.

    We really couldn't advise on that one as it's a bit much work that's likely to present conflicts.


  • MediaInk
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    David, in post 148774 you mentioned that you ran several site where only the main domain has the www prefix. How do you do that.
    I installed a multi-site to sub-domain without prefix. Thank I tried to add the www prefix in the wp-config file, but did not work, the site is still loading without prefix.

  • DavidM
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    Hiya MediaInk,

    Sorry that I missed responding to your prior question. Yep, I've got a number of Multisites using the www prefix on the main domain but they're all sub-directory installations.

    I wouldn't know how that works in sub-domain setups myself but have heard it's not an easy thing to work around, and in thinking through it, it just seems it would present a lot of possible conflicts.

    It's not something we can provide assistance with, given the difficulties associated with it. I'll ask a couple of the guys over here though, if they've got any tips to help with that though.


  • MediaInk
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    The tread 148774 was talking about subdomain install with the aim keeping www prefix, thsi is why I brough it up again. My subdirectory installs have no problems with www prefix. On the otehr hand all of my subdomain isntalls are with no prefix.

    I hope later versions of WP will fixed this. To sevel people not having the www prefix in the main domain is "unprofessional".


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