In the Paypal site I cannot select Denmark, is there anyway

In the Paypal site I cannot select Denmark, is there anyway to make that happen? I would mean a lot for our customers that they are directed to the native language.


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    Hey Morten,

    Thanks for the question and welcome to the WPMU DEV Community!

    I am not sure if this bug or intentionally left this way because of some PayPal limitations. I am always having a hard time find information and documentation in PayPal.

    Maybe the developer will have some insights, so I will mark this threqd to his attention, so he can provide some feedback on this.
    Please note that it might take longer for a developer to respond, especially during this holiday season.

    Meanwhile you can try manually edit the plugin files to add Denmark to it.
    To do so, open the file


    Go to line 605, and you should see array with the countries and their country code. Just add Denmark so the array looks like this:

    $locales = array(
    								'AU'	=> 'Australia',
    								'AT'	=> 'Austria',
    								'BE'	=> 'Belgium',
    								'CA'	=> 'Canada',
    								'CN'	=> 'China',
    								'DK'	=> 'Denmark',
    								'FR'	=> 'France',
    								'DE'	=> 'Germany',
    								'HK'	=> 'Hong Kong',
    								'IT'	=> 'Italy',
    								'MX'	=> 'Mexico',
    								'NL'	=> 'Netherlands',
    								'PL'	=> 'Poland',
    								'SG'	=> 'Singapore',
    								'ES'	=> 'Spain',
    								'SE'	=> 'Sweden',
    								'CH'	=> 'Switzerland',
    								'TR' 	=> 'Turkey',
    								'GB'	=> 'United Kingdom',
    								'US'	=> 'United States'

    If you are not comfortable doing this, please don't as simple typo can't brake the plugin functionality.
    Also I haven't test with this code, and I am not sure how PayPal will handle it, so don't take it as complete official solution - just give it a go to see if it's working until the developer is here.


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