Inactive Memberships still available for renewal

Hi, I'm testing this on my beta site before deploying live:
I setup a membership "FREE" and gave a finite access of 1 day.
Signed up as a new member to the "FREE" membership.
I then logged back in as admin, made the "FREE" membership inactive. After one day, I tried to login as the test member (set to "FREE") and I could login but had no access to anything - this is good, working as expected.
When going to the memberships page, the option to renew to the "FREE" membership still existed even though it had been disabled. I tried to renew and I would receive an error stating the renewal couldn't be processed.
I then realised the membership had been renewed using the "FREE" membership that should not be available.

If a membership has been made inactive, users should not be able to renew their membership at that level, can you please look into this?