Membership: inactive users and auto subscription


Either I'm blind or really bad at finding answers in regards to my following questions / issues..

Firstly how come once a user signsup the new account is set to inactive? I'm doing my testing done before I live my site etc.. once I create a new user account, I don't get an email asking me to activate my account or anything? Is that correct?

Secondly I'm using the test (paypal sandbox) option and once I click 'subscribe' for a subscription with a new (non-admin) account and have paid via paypal sandbox it redirects me back to the site to the 'thank you message etc' but I notice in the URL it says pending.. it's not automatically upgraded? Or should I say the account hasn't been given the subscription. I don't want to have to go in manually and add a subscription for everyone that pays haha not as some of my future projects grow, that would be way to much work..

I'm thinking an account has to be active before a subscription can be applied to it? Even so the subscription doesn't seem to be automatically adding to the accounts?

*pulling out hair here, thankfully I'm young and have heaps to loose* :p