Inbox Usability Improvement (Scholar theme)

I've attached an image of the inbox in the Scholar theme. As you can see its very difficult to see what is the subject ... and what is the body of the message .... or how to get to the full message (which only becomes apparent when moving the cursor over the subject)

Could you indicate the subject with a Title (Subject:slight_smile: and maybe underline it to show that its a link to the full message.

I'm just about to launch my site and think these small usability features can make the difference between frustrated and delighted users.


  • Tammie

    @andre7: To add text you'd have to edit the template (members/mesages/messages-loop.php, compose.php,notices-loop.php, single.php - depends what you want to add where) as that is part of buddypress as for the style you can create your own I think it would be: .thread-info you'd want to style but that's off the top of my head you can look using firebug to see that. You may have to do a function call to explode the message info though as that I'm not sure isn't just produced as one lump.

    I will however review this when next do an update (none planned currently) but I wouldn't be adding any text I'd just be styling perhaps if anything. We do try as far as core Buddypress goes to leave it as vanilla as possible to cover as many users as possible and make things like language changes easier for people. Hope that helps.