include posts and custom posts on 'team' custom post page

I have recently built and I need some help with some of the final dynamic elements of the site.

For each team member, for example I would like to be able to show that users standard WP posts from the 'In the media' category and their 'Publications' which is a custom post type.

Ideally I would like to include the featured image and date but to start with the title with link to the story/publication would be great.

Ideally these sections would only show if there are stories/publications by the author too as many of the 'team' wont have any.

Eventually I would also like to be able to show their blogs too but they are on a subsite (multisite) so I'm guessing more complicated again! Perhaps using the global recent posts plugin or similar?

There is a custom single.php for the post type single.tshowcase.php which I've pastebinned here

Really hope you can help!