Incoming email problem with contact form

I am having problems with my site located at: I am using and Elegant Themes theme on that site. Recently I have started having a contact form problem with this site...

When email comes in via the Contact form it now comes in as from "" instead of the sender. Other themes I am using seem to work fine.

My hosting company, Dreamhost, initiated a policy awhile back requiring that the "from" email coming in to the site must match the Wordpress email I have set up for the site or the email will not come through. They did this to combat spam. To fix this, an Elegant Themes tech instructed that I change the style.css file as follows:
"Replace this:
$et_site_name = is_multisite() ? $current_site->site_name : get_bloginfo('name');
wp_mail($et_email_to, sprintf( '[%s] ' . esc_html($_POST['et_contact_subject']), $et_site_name ), esc_html($_POST['et_contact_message']),'From: "'. esc_html($_POST['et_contact_name']) .'" <' . esc_html($_POST['et_contact_email']) . '>');

with this:
$headers[] = 'Reply-To: ' . $_POST['et_contact_name'] . ' <' . $_POST['et_contact_email'] . '>';
wp_mail($et_email_to, sprintf( '[%s] ' . esc_html($_POST['et_contact_subject']), $et_site_name ), esc_html($_POST['et_contact_message']) .' Name:'. esc_html($_POST['et_contact_name']) . ' email:' . esc_html($_POST['et_contact_email']), $headers);

This patch has worked for all but for some reason on this site the return email has been replaced with the generic Wordpress one. Not sure how long this has been happening, as once upon a time this one worked as well. Is there a way we can fix this?