Incompatibility between Membership Pro 2 and Key Search Plugin


Preface: I am incurring an Incompatibility between Membership Pro 2 and Key Search Plugin for my site.

This issue has been looked into by the theme developer who successfully demonstrated that this is related to the Membership Pro 2 plugin and not the theme.

Problem: I am incurring problems with the search box on the top right of the primary nav bar.

Please review screencast:

NOTE: If I do a search and type in 27m and wait, the search box will fill with the one post available that is membership protected and if I click on the result it takes me to the post as it should

NOTE: if I however fill out the search field with 27m and click on the magnifying glass it takes me to a results page and this page shows 1 result ( instead of two which you helped me resolve in this ticket: ) but the result is NOT my post. it’s a link to the membership page that redirects to the home page.

Note: the search box is also available on this page:

Please refer to these two links:

The link with the capital letters links to the post:

The link with the lower case letters links to

Two scenarios at play here. Only one sequence works and directs me to my protected post.

Theme Developer’s reply:

I’m sorry but we have not tested our theme with all third-party plugins.

This problem with plugin => Membership 2 Pro Plugin

If I deactivate this plugin with the search on the site there is no problem.

When I deactivate the plugin to find => 27m => remains 1 post, look at the screenshot

I would appreciate any advice and assistance you may be able to provide to work out a solution. The Membership site is coming together well save for this one essential snag.