Incompatibility of CLASSIFIEDS plugins with various themes

Classifieds doesnt work on many themes that lack generic content settings, instead use css classifications based off of Page Attributes.

So for many themes, since I am unable to set the page attributes, it will not pull the class and id of the theme to stylize the page; instead pulls the cd-bp-wrap class. So for themes that offer customized styling of the content width, they have a Class for that style in the content div; and without a page attribute being called from the theme, its missing.

So - is this an easy fix? Can you add a setting to assign the CLASSIFIEDS page to use a specific them Page Attribute/Template?

Or, do i have to modify the CSS, and bandiad it

If i do a custom entry for CF-bp-wrap; it may work as long as widths arent adjusted, but this would be an individual fix per blog.

Any other suggestions?>