Incompatibility with WordPress YOAST SEO

Hi there,

Since version 3 of Yoast Seo plugin, they added a ms_is_switched() test for security reason when you save your post data and this is good:

But since then, the 'support system' plugin prevent post data being saved by Yoast SEO because of line 46 in file


which is:

switch_to_blog( $current_blog_id );

I understand that it is intended to restore to current blog but this instruction is NOT equivalent to restore_current_blog() because ms_is_switched() still returns TRUE after switch_to_blog( $current_blog_id ) and returns FALSE after restore_current_blog()

I modified the line 46 with restore_current_blog() instead of switch_to_blog( $current_blog_id ) and indeed it solves the issue.

So could you please include the fix in the next release of the 'support system' plugin ?

Thanks !