incorporating commonwealth bank payment gateway

Your payment gateways are limited regarding Australian users. As a merchant I already have access to a direct gateway and I don't really want to incorporate unnecessary third parties. Ideally, I want to give my customers local options as I am a very local business (ie only serve the immediate area). As such, I'd like to use the commonwealth bank's payment gateway.

Their API is rather simple and well documented. They have various solutions:

Hosted Checkout,
Hosted Session, and
Direct Payment.

Hosted checkout is a basic modal overlay with direct control handed off to the bank. The hosted session is a javascript model where more control is handled locally, but compliance with the bank. And direct payment is a fully documented REST API.

Is it possible to modify one of the existing gateways and make it compliant with the CBA?

It's fully documented on these pages:



Ideally I'd like your help in implementing this and therefore it could be made available across the board for everyone.

In a pinch, I am prepared to give it a go myself if I am able to receive suitable direction from you guys.

Any support is appreciated

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hi madivad!

    It seems they might be a but busy currently working on some exciting new features for other plugin so analyzing docs and API of that gateway wouldn't be possible but they still could help you a bit with the MarketPress side code.

    When you get familiar with this gateway docs and try their API - I would suggest doing it even outside of WordPress, with just some simple test PHP script - take a look at payment gateway's scripts included already in MarketPress. You'll find them in


    folder. A good idea would be to first take a look at official docs of the gateways already included in MarketPress. Knowing CB docs you should be able to asses those other gateways based on their docs and decide which one is the closest one (in terms of API) to your one. You could then focus on the code of that "closest" gateway and try to "port" it.

    If you then come across any specific/detailed questions related to the MarketPress code that you're dealing with, please ask and we'll forward them to developers and they should be able to give you some handy advice then.

    Kind regards,

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