Incorrect behavior of post formats in Autoblog posts

There seems to be some quirkiness with regard to post formats .. I tested a bunch of combinations yesterday after we finally got the scheduling up and running cleanly and am finding it difficult to get the standard post format to work with full posts. Each time I try to use the post format, I get only an excerpt (no matter what I specify in the settings for that area). Oddly, I do get a full normal looking post using the "link" format. (I thought I posted this yesterday but cannot see that post on the old thread)

I found a couple WPMU blog posts relating to post formats but the behavior of the plugin doesn't seem to align with what seemed to be pretty clear descriptions of what is a fairly commonly misunderstood new Wordpress feature.

Some clarification and documentation of these settings would be helpful to prevent having to go through and test each combination to find one that formats correctly (I'd love to see examples of each post format in the docs)