Incorrect displays of website banners and sidebar widgets


I installed mailchimp on 10 feb 2015 and magic action box on 10 feb. I deleted magic action box on 12 feb after noticing it may cause minify problems.

On 12 feb I updated google analytics by yoast, version 5.3.1. and jetpack by, version 3.3.1.

In 12 feb night I installed Mailchimp for WordPress Lite version 2.2.5. Since it was not so user friendly I reinstalled Magic Action Box plugin, v 2.15.5, again on 13 feb.

However, I noticed the website banners or headers were not displayed correctly. The sidebar widgets were also not displayed to the right of the webpage but at the bottom instead.

I deleted magic action box plugin in 13 feb again. Still the incorrect displays problems persisted.

I deleted mailchimp for wordpress on 14 feb, sat. Incorrect displays of website banners or headers and sidebar widgets continued to persist.

I tried deleting mailchimp from but could not.

Can you help to me troubleshoot further and find out which plugin causes these problems please?

Your urgent help and support are most appreciated. Thanks


  • Ivan
    • HummingBird

    Hi there Benjamin,

    Hope you are well and thanks for the question!

    The site didn’t have any styling – or at least for me.

    I saw you enabled support access so I jumped quickly and disabled the caching of WP Super Cache.

    And now it seems it displays everything properly.

    Caching plugins often cause problems, so I would advise if possible to avoid using them.

    Now everything seems good to me, but let me know if there is still some issues.



  • Benjamin
    • Flash Drive

    Hi Ivan

    Thank you for your very fast response which is sincerely appreciated.

    Since the WP Super Cache plugin has been disabled, am I required to delete it from the WP dashboard and stop using it altogether?

    Will the deleting of WP Super Cache affect the speed loading of the website pages in due course? Will my website loads slower when you disable and delete WP Super Cache without replacing it with another more suitable caching plugin alternative?

    I previously used W3 Total Cache for caching purposes and to speed up the loading speed of my website. W3 Total Cache gave same problems of incorrect displays of headers and sidebar widgets after a while of use just as WP Super Cache had just given me.

    What is your advice of using another better caching plugin to maintain and even speed up page loading of the website otherwise loading will be slow given the various images and pages? Do you have any recommendation on alternatives please?

    May I load again Magic Action Box and/or Mailchimp for WordPress to try out the opt-in forms and integration with MailChimp?

    Thank you once again for your advice and support. Best regards.


  • Vinod Dalvi
    • WP Unicorn

    Hi Benjamin,

    Thank you for your reply.

    If you wan to use the caching plugin to improve your site performance then i recommend your to use the W3 Total Cache plugin as it provides you the options to exclude specific thing from caching so that you can exclude the caching of the things which are breaking for you as described on the following pages.–cms-21159

    You can also use the following plugin to improve your site performance.

    Smush Pro


    Vinod Dalvi

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