Incorrect URL in Support Ticket Email

This has provided us with ever increasing frustrations as it’s taken us a long time to figure out where our clients are getting these incorrect URLs to login with. Essentially what is happening is SS is pulling the Network URL instead of the Site URL and when the clients are clicking it, WP isn’t pushing through the redirect to the correct URL because the domains are different due to domain mapping.

This is what it’s providing:

This is what it should be:

This is what WP is trying to redirect to because SS is pulling the Network URL which isn’t correct:

This URL does not allow a user to login. It’s stuck in a loop.

Ultimately this is solved by the plugin being reconfigured to pull the Site URL instead of the Network URL.

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    This is a rather URGENT matter as it is seriously effecting our clients. I will be expediting this ticket through the Contact form of this website as waiting weeks for a resolution (or being provided with none at all) is completely unacceptable. We really shouldn’t have to fix the plugin ourselves again, especially on such a serious usability matter.

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    Let me see if I can explain this a little better then my colleague…

    We obviously have a multisite install ( (Site ID #1)) and each client has their domain mapped ( (Site ID # 4758)). The client logs into their site @ and fills out a suport ticket. The support plugin is network activated and the support staff logs into When the support staff sends a reply to the client an email is generated to let them know a reply has been made and it has as the base URL for the login link that they can click to view the response. When we map the clients domain we also map the login so they can login using their domain opposed to Because of this, they get stuck in a loop since they do not have permission to login @ The problem is that when the email is generated it is querying the site_url or home_url for the site the response is being made from ( and it should be querying the blog_id for ( and inserting the site_url or home_url for the client since they are the ones being responded to. If this plugin is querying the site_url or home_url based on the site_id stored under prefix_support_tickets all of the Site ID’s are being stored as #1 as where the Blog ID’s are stored correctly.

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