Increase Appointments+ booking time to days

Im considering to use the Appointments+ plugin into a website for booking sailing boats on a weekly basis. So how can i change the Appointments time interval up from 720min max thats now, to 60days. and minimum to be 1 week. This plugin has all the extras i require so far, and only this time config issue creates me problem. Is it possible to increase the range of the booking times so i can use it? Thank you in advance

  • aristath
    • Recruit

    Hello there @Theodor, I hope you're well today!

    For the time being this is not implemented in the plugin. Appointments+ right now works with time-based and not day-based events.
    I have however submitted a feature request for this, hopefully we' be able to add this in a future release.


  • Theodor Dimitriou
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Thank you for quick reply.
    So i cannot use this great plugin for such usage. And when you say you might add this feature in a future release how much time this means?
    And one more question, can you suggest me another plugin to offer me what im looking for, plus having the same customization options as Appointments+?
    Thank you in advance

  • aristath
    • Recruit

    Hello again @Theodor,

    I talked to the plugin developer just a couple of hours ago about this and I'm afraid it will not be possible to do it at this point.
    In order for this feature to be implemented more than 50% of the existing plugin code would have to be rewritten.. particularly the whole schedule calculus.
    So if that gets added at some point it will not be in the near future.


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