Increasing the importation and exportation capability of the database


I tried to make a backup of my database like I've done many times before, by exporting a single sql file through phpMyAdmin. I couldn't, because accroding to the GoDaddy operators I must increase the importation and exportation capability for MySQL via phpMyAdmin. Nevertheless, I was able to download all pages displaying the tables of the db separately, and the guys at GoDaddy told me I can use them to restore my db if I ever need to.

But still, if possible, I'd like to get some help on how to be able to export my db as a single sql file again. I was told I need to change the values for max_execution_time, max_input_time and memory_limit in the PHP Configuration Editor, at WHM, but they told me it can't be just any value, because if I increase these too much I can have problems. They also told me I need to perform a procedure through SSH, and even though I've access my server through SSH (Putty), I must confess I didn't unserstand exactly the procedures explained in the tutorials below:

So, any way of explaining me what precisely I should be doing to be able to export my database as a single sql file again?