Individual Product Page Issues

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On the product pages I've noticed a few things that need to be changed and/or I have a question about.

1) In the Screenshot you can see "home" highlighted in a green (1) in the upper right corner. This is the navigation for the product pages (like blog posts?). How can I move this below the logo?

2) You can see what I'm referring to here in the screenshot via #2 in green. This particular product has multiple variants (sizes in this case). The image only displays once I choose a variant and once it displays it is blurry in the thumbnail here. How can I get the image to display regularly even if a variant isn't selected? And also, how would/could I add multiple images to a product with different variants?

3) #3 in the screenshot is pointing to a green line above the product listing. I'm not sure where this came from or why it's there, but I'd like it to be gone. It is similar to a problem I was having with buttons mentioned in a different thread and they both showed up after the latest Spirit Update.

4) This is pointing to the alignment of the social network sharing buttons in the screenshot. How can I align "Pinterest" and "Twitter" together horizontally and not staggered?

Thank you to everyone helping out!

Much Love
Ciro Bey