Individual SSL Certificates for domain mapped sites

Hi guys,

We are running a multisite that currently has a sub directory configuration. We will be using the domain mapping plugin to mask actual domains however we want to charge clients for SSL certificates individually. I just wonder how to go about the actual setup of the SSL set up?



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    Hi StartupGuys

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    First thing you'd want to take care of would be to make sure entire site is covered by SSL. This is to make sure that after customer's sites are switched to SSL there's no "mixed content" and/or CORS issues.

    In case of sub-folder setup, that's relatively easy because you just need a regular, single domain cert, as sub-sites under "sub-folder URLs" are in fact in the same (main) domain - looking from "browser/certification" perspective.

    The second aspect is how to proceed with certs for mapped domains. The most universal and probably the least "troublesome" way here would be to simply go for separate single domain certs for each mapped domain. The requirement here, however, is SNI support on server side.

    That allows you to use multiple single certificates with the same hosting account/IP which means that you can install as many of them as you want for various domains. I'd suggest that you consult that with your host. Most modern hosts provide full SNI support currently but there are still some that do not (especially on simpler shared accounts) - so it's best to just ask them if they do support that (if they allow multiple single certs per account/IP).

    That's the server side aspect. As for WP aspect - you basically need to setup your Mutlisite for SSL on original domain in first step. Then when you map the domain to the sub-site all you need to do (assuming that the cert for that mapped domain is already installed on the server) is to just select in mapping settings whether to use http:// or https:// protocol prefix.

    If you have any additional question, let me know please.

    Best regards,

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