Infinite SEO crash my Dashbord when enabled

Hi everyone,
i'm a new suscriber of wpmudev and sorry for my bad english i'm french :wink:

I tried several of your addons without any problem ( you really did a great job )

The only one i have problem with is Infinite SEO

directly when i enable it, i can't acces my dashboard anymore i always get an error page saing ( translated in english ) that i don't have enough rights to acces the page, even if i'm connected as super admin

if i delete the directory from the addon directory, the addon is automaticaly disabled and i can acces dashboard again, if i install it again, i get the error again etc.

It is the only addon from you i get the problem with

thnx in advance

Edit : I have the same problem with the membership addon, dashboard crash with i enable it
i'm using WP 3.5