Facebook Sharing issue

Still working on this not for profit site, gifteconomy.ca

There is a problem with WP Socializer plugin they use for social sharing. It doesn't display the snippet and image correctly and instead sends a weird almost blank text to Facebook to post. (trying to convince him to convert to our plugins here)

So I added a the featured image in properly, and I was thinking, if it had the extra metadata provided by the SEO plugin it might help solve this, but when I try to install the Infinite SEO plugin I am getting an error stating that the installation package cannot be found, so I am going to manually install it when I get back from my meeting I guess.

I see this has happened with a different plugin to somebody else before. I think in my case it has to do with the proprietary system I'm stuck in from netfirms and the auto-installer system they use which comes with a plugin, Mojo Services. They have something kinda similar to you guys, and seems to allow auto-install of themes and plugins, but they seems to charge $49 a pop, and the mess I've been dealing with I would never choose to use their stuff.

Anyone ever been stuck on Netfirms or heard of this Mojo Services?
Could I be right, and this is what's causing the error?