Infinite SEO not working with BuddyPress pages

I finally made the jump to Infinite SEO from Joosts plugin because I was tired of fighting to get Joosts plugin to work with the autogenerated BP pages.

I was troubled to discover that for some reason Infinite SEO is not working either. Look here:

I have the titles and description set for that individual page, but the plugin isn't adding them. It works on my posts and pages, but not on the BuddyPress pages. Those pages are getting the default titles given by BP and no description.

I'm assuming that there may be a issue with my theme since I'm also assuming that you guys have figured this out ages ago. Can someone start taking me through troubleshooting on this so I can finally get some decent SEO traction for my BuddyPress pages?

  • Saunt Valerian
    • The Bug Hunter

    Hmm, that's troubling especially since you market this as compatible with BP. Not a big deal, I'll be patient, however I do hope we can get this sorted. I'll do what I can, if I can. I know Brajesh has some work arounds for Joosts plugin available, but I just don't want to use that one anymore since he loaded it with so much advertising (I just don't want that for my bloggers on my multisite).

    If it is a known problem, lets settle down to getting it right. BuddyPress needs a good, working SEO solution. Perhaps it may also mean opening a ticket on the BP trac since there are at least these two SEO plugins (both major plugins) that don't work with it. Maybe JJJ and the crew might be able to finally modify BuddyPress to let it be more compatible with SEO plugins.

  • Jack Kitterhing
    • Code Norris

    Hi there @Saunt Valerian,

    Hope you're well today, don't worry we'll certainly get this sorted and of course if this turns out to be a core issue with BuddyPress, we'll get that compatibility removed.

    I have notified the developer of Infinite SEO, but he's away for the weekend, he'll be back tomorrow and I'll discuss this with him.

    Thanks for your patience.

    Kind Regards

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