Infinite SEO on multisite with Mapped Domains site settings?

I have installed Infinite SEO, and modified the config.php file, but I am not seeing the site admin functions under "Settings" or anywhere else.

Should I be looking somewhere in particular? Could I have something there that is causing a conflict?



  • Patrick
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    Hiya @realsocialpros

    Did you follow these directions to modify wp-config.php?

    1) While in network-wide (default) mode, make your selection of which tabs you wish to allow your admins to change.
    2) Once you’re done with that, open your wp-config.php and add in this line of code:
    define( 'WDS_SITEWIDE', false );

  • Patrick
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    When you selected the tabs you want to enable on sub-sites, did you click "Save" for each tab before moving on to the next one?

    I just set it up on my test network, and it worked just fine. I see the tabs I selected in the sub-sites logged-in as that site's admin. Tabs I set to "No" as super-admin Before adding the code to wp-config display the following message:

    Your network admin prevented access to '...', please move onto next step.

    So, let's try this again shall we?

    1. Remove the following code from your wp-config.php file.
    define( 'WDS_SITEWIDE', false );

    2. Log into your main site as super-admin and go to "Network Settings" > "Infinite SEO". If you don't see it, refresh the page.

    3. For each tab you want to enable for your sub-site admins, scroll to the bottom of that tab and select "Yes" at "Show this to Site Admins". Click "Save Settings" before moving to the next tab.

    4. Open your wp-config.php and insert the following again, just before "That's all, stop editing!"
    define( 'WDS_SITEWIDE', false );
    Save and re-upload your wp-config.php

    5. Now go to one of your sub-sites and login to the dashboard as a site admin. You should see only the SEO tabs you selected available under "Settings" > "Infinite SEO"

    Let us know how that goes.

  • Patrick
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    Dam cache plugins... Now would be a good time to go over your cache settings with a fine tooth comb, and a full pot of your favorite brew.

    Also, it may be a good idea to research whether you even need the thing; opinions vary widely on that point. And they are nothing but opinions.

    If your server, site and files are optimized, with necessary scripts properly enqueued, and you present irresistible content for your users, cache is ultimately nothing more than database bloat. That's my opinion: you don't need it.

    Also, "That's all, stop editing!" is there for a reason.

    A period, comma, dash, quote mark, even a space can make all the difference between a snippet of code that does something useful, and one that completely blanks out your site.

    I'm glad you got it sorted though :slight_smile:

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