Infinite SEO: problems with sitemaps (multisite)


I enabled access on sub-sites for Infinite SEO.

1) When I go to a sub-site I'm using as a template (a subsite I created weeks ago for using as a template with New Blog Templates) and click on the sitemap url I'm redirected to the sign-up page of the network.
I guess it means the sitemap doesn't exist, am I correct?

2) When I go to a sub-site I've just created a few minutes ago to check the sitemap.xml I see an error message:

This page contains the following errors:

error on line 81 at column 67: EntityRef: expecting ';'

I wish to point out that as I said I enabled access on sub-sites but I blocked admin access to Infinite SEO pages.

The reason is simple: as a super-admin I want to be allowed to set Infinite SEO on a per site basis but I don't want to let my clients access to it (yes, you could add this to the feature request :wink:.

I don't know if this information is related to the problems I see.

Last point: sitemap is OK for the main site.

Any idea?
Best Regards