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I am discussing the latest version of Infinite SEO and Wordpress in this thread.

On infinite SEO, I am confused about what Automatic Linking actually does? Does it actually make hyperlinks between words in your website to other pages/posts of your website (like hyperlinks that users can see on front-end)? Can someone expand/give a brief explanation about this?

Also, what taxonomies are normally excluded from sitemaps (say in and what effect does this have on SEO -- I'm a little confused here?

Main Blog archive Meta Robots Main Blog archive Meta Robots:
Leave the first page alone, but apply to subsequent pages

What are the normal settings for this (say for (Is this only for the article's archive?)

I referenced a lot, because it's like my example for blogging-related questions & SEO, since I don't know much about SEO and blogs.

  • Alexander

    Does it actually make hyperlinks between words in your website to other pages/posts of your website (like hyperlinks that users can see on front-end)?

    Yes, it does. It looks for keywords, and links them to other pages or posts on your site. The options on the Automatic linking page give you control over where links can be added, or what other. sections you'd like them to link to.

    Also, what taxonomies are normally excluded from sitemaps (say in and what effect does this have on SEO -- I'm a little confused here?

    This is useful if your site makes use of Custom Post types.For example, if you're using CustomPress to add a different form of content to your site that you would rather not have added to the sitemap, you can exclude it's categories or tags. You really wouldn't want to do this for normal categories, unless for some reason you'd prefer your blog posts from not being mapped. This feature is more for special cases, and most people wouldn't need it.

    The Meta Robots allow you to set directives for search engines on individual posts. It's best to leave these at their defaults unless you have specific intentions for the post/page.

    noindex means that the post will never be indexed
    nofollow means that it will only be indexed if your site links to it.

    These are really just standard SEO features that are implemented by the plugin. The best way to learn more is to do some reading on SEO. Moz has an awesome guide for this here:

    Best regards

  • signed_up

    @Alexander Rohmann

    Thanks for the fast reply. I have a few more questions. Since Google no longer indexes metakeywords, if I don't enter anything in the keywords fields for Infinite SEO, will it generate them? I don't really want/need keywords since google doesn't index them at all. I don't want Infinite SEO to autogenerate them, but if it does, I'll add some in or possibly, move over to yoast.

    UPDATE: I added a home title under Step 3 of Infinite SEO settings and saved changes, but for some reason, if I go to my website, it continues to show the old title (the one before any customizations). Can you help diagnose/provide solution for this issue? I'm thinking that my theme or something must be overwriting the options of Infinite SEO. Is this possible? If this is the issue, how can I fix it?

  • signed_up

    @Alexander Rohmann

    I think the issue that I have bolded in the update section of the last post is being caused by me having a static front page set in Reading Settings. The reason I think this is because the Meta Title that is set to "MyStaticPage'sName | MySiteName" and the rule for my page title in Infinite SEO plugin is "%%title%% | %%sitename%%".

    My homepage is following the rule rather than the actual home page title that I have set. How do I fix this?

    UPDATE: I tried manually setting the Title Attribute and Description through the Dashboard --> Pages --> MyHomePage --> Infinite SEO Widget/Page Attribute Options. I set this to my site name and now, when I go to, it shows my desired page title.

    Is this a proper solution? The permalink for that page is set to, but in the "Preview" of the Infinite SEO Page Attribute in the Dashboard, it displays the proper description and title, but the URL at the bottom is incorrect. The URL says ("Welcome" is the page's title, but the URL is supposed to be the homepage -- like shown in permalink -- because it's set to the static homepage through options).

    Thanks in advance. This is quite a confusing issue. Please respond as soon as possible. It's really appreciated.

  • signed_up

    @Alexander Rohmann

    With a response to my 2 above posts, can you explain the following options:
    1. Prevent duplicate links
    2. Process only single posts and pages
    3. Prevent duplicate links

    Especially on #2, what does it mean process only single posts and pages? Does this overwrite your "Insert Links In" & "Link to" settings? I'm probably misunderstanding "single posts and pages", because I'm thinking: "What's a double post or page?".

    Please respond as soon as possible (Alexander or someone else).

  • Shawn

    Re: 1. Prevent duplicate links

    This will do exactly that. Assuming you have a post named "large red marbles" and you include the text "large red marbles" 20 times in a post about penguins, the post about penguins will only link ONE time to the "large red marbles" post. The additional texts will not be auto-linked. Search engines don't value multiple links from a given page so preventing duplicates is the best behavior.

    Re: 2. Process only single posts and pages

    This will prevent category pages, tag pages, date pages and list pages (like the home page if set to include the most recent 10 posts, for example) from auto-linking. While enabling this option will reduce your server load a bit, it's best from an SEO perspective to include the links often.

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