Infinite SEO "switch to per-blog mode"

How does one "switch to per-blog mode"?

I would like to offer Pro Sites access to Infinite SEO as a premium plugin - can I do that? It doesn't appear in the list of available plugins in the Pro Sites premium plugin setup tag, even when it is network disabled.

I have set "show to site admin" on for XML sitemaps, and for Title etc optimisation. and although the Infinite SEO stuff appears when editing posts on my main site, I can't access the setup menu.

It also appears in the post CRUD page for other sites in the network.

  • Alexander
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    Hello @NettSite,

    Do you have Infinite SEO Network activated right now? When it is network activated, it will actually behave differently.

    If so, you'll need to network deactivate the plugin before trying to add within Pro Sites.

    Let me know how it goes and if you need further assistance.

    Best regards,
    Alexander Rohmann

  • NettSite
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    Hi Alex,

    I have de-activated it, but it still does not appear in Pro Sites to be managed as a Premium Plugin. It does not appear in the list of available plugins to add to a site at the bottom of site settings, when editing a site, either.



  • Alexander
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    Hi William,

    I've done some testing with this, and I'm sorry, I was mistaken before. This plugin can't be added as a premium plugin in Pro Sites because of how it behaves. However, you can make it available to your users "per blog" Here's how:

    1. Network activate the plugin
    2. From the network dashboard, go to each tab of Infinite SEO settings and set the "show in per blog mode" setting to the way you would like for each tab.
    3 Open your wp-confg.php file and add this
    define( 'WDS_SITEWIDE', false );

    That's it! You can find more about this here:

    Hope this helps! Sorry that it's not going to work with Pro Sites. Let me know if you need any more help. Thanks for being a WPMU DEV member.

    Best regards,
    Alexander Rohmann

  • Alexander
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Ok sounds good! That's a good alternative given the circumstances. Infinite SEO does some wonderful things for SEO across an entire network, but because it needs to be network activated, Pro Sites can't manage it directly.

    I'm glad you have something working! Thanks for being a WPMU DEV member. Let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
    Best regards,
    Alexander Rohmann

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