Infinite SEO TAB is not showing in wordpress 3.8

Hi, After lot of try and with fresh installing wordpress 3.8 also, Infinite SEO TAB is not showing in below Post, Page edit. I install another domain Infinite SEO pluging that has old version of Wordpress , there is working fine and coming Infinite SEO TAB in below edit.

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    Hi @WebHostingPeople,

    I just checked, and it's working ok for me in 3.8

    It's possible to disable the editor panel from settings though

    You should be able to choose what options are available from "Settings -> Infinite SEO"

    If you're on Multisite, you would need to go to network admin first - there you can decide what options are available to site administrators.

    Let me know how it goes!

    Best regards,

  • Alexander
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    Hey @WebHostingPeople,

    I just tried installing Infinite SEO on a new 3.8 install that hadn't used it before. Without changing any settings, it's showing up just fine in the post editor.

    The only difference I noticed is that it is minimized by default. You'll need to click "Infinite SEO" in the editor to have it's options revealed.

    If this still isn't working for you, it could be a conflict with another plugin on your site, or even the theme

    You can test for this by switching to the default theme (TwentyFourteen) and deactivating all your plugins. After this, test the issue as see if anything is different. If it's working, try changing your theme back and testing again. If at this point it's broken, we know it's a theme conflict. If not, start reactivating your plugins and testing as you go along, once it stops working you'll be able to know which plugin is causing a conflict. Once a conflict is identified, we can look into a specific solution for it.

    Best regards,

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