Initial Problems: Multisite malfunctions

Domain Mapping seems to be nonfunctional. Though it is showing up as installed, when I enter a redirect from the following it does not work, it instead brings up a blank page from my hosting provider.

Custom Domain

Original URL

Also I am unable to get Multi-Domains to work at all. It is not showing up in installed products despite being present in the proper wp-content/plugins directory, and despite having sunrise.php moved to the proper directory with the proper code entered into wp-config.php

I am overall concerned that my mutisite install is not set up properly.

I have the following plugins currently active on my wordpress multisite

Domain Mapping plugin

Multisite Privacy

Networks for WordPress

No Comments On Pages

No Right Click Images Plugin


WPMU DEV Dashboard

Multisite is working, in that I have multiple websites up and functioning on the base domain. However this was done with the Networks for WordPress Plugin months ago. I am attempting to use these tools to refine the wordpress experience and bring it to multiple users.

Thanks for any assistance!