Initiate a new private chat box by clicking a custom link


Thanks for your plugins, amazing work!

I've succesfully installed the Chat plugins, i've set the box-corner chat to off, hooked in your plugins to customize the form, and created a custom template file to show an users list.
I would like to show up in this users list, a button/link for each user, to initiate a new private chat box with the selected user.
Could you point me to a way to do that ?

I looked at the Network Chrome Tab when a chat box opened to see which function was used, and there it is:


Well. So if i create a link binded on a jquery function which contain an ajax call to the chatProcess action, with the correct wpmudev-chat-settings-request-uri, this would initiate a new private chatbox or invite request, isn't it ?

Could you point me on the right direction ?
Thanks a lot!