Inquiry: Must pay to sign-up using paypal subscription

Hey boys and girls,

Please help me think this through:

I am offering ready made websites for users using the "New Blog Template" plugin.

Users get fully set-up sites and the only area they need to manage is their personal blog and profile.

I take care of the rest like updates and new pages.

Each site will cost x$ per month and I'd like to take monthly or annual subscriptions using papal.

My current sign-up methodology is a bit crude and follows:

1) User completes a Gravity Form with his / her contact details

2) When user submits, the form redirects them to a paypal payment page.

3) After payment, paypal takes the user to ../wp-signup.php, where the user choses their subdomain, language, accepts TOS etc.

4) WP then creates the website and sends email to me, the superuser, and the new user.

4a) Currently the blog is not displayed immediately, pending me allowing it to be shown via the "Moderation" plugin.

What do you think?

It's a bit crude as it's possible for users to navigate to the WP signup form (../wp-signup.php) bypassing my Form and PayPal process.

I'm not going to link to wp-signup.php, yet if you know WPMU you can get a website without paying and I'll need to notice it and delete these manually.

Also leaves and open door for abuse.

How else could I go about this?

Any ideas?

The other thing I'd like is for the front-end of the website to be taken off line when the subscription expires.

The user should still be able to log into their dashboard and pay or re-subscribe, but until s/he does so, no website.

For now I need some ideas on how most simply and elegantly to implement the above.

James, Aaron, Andy and Co. Could you develop a plug-in that does this?

I think you have all the basic bits and bobbs already?

Can you string this together form "Pay to Blog", "Moderation" "Supporter" and 'Membership"?

I think you'd have another winning plug-in to offer. You could call it "Pay to Blog +Plus" or "Pay to View" :slight_smile:

Many thanks is advance for any suggestions form anyone, be it the most awesomenestest WPMUDEV team or my fellow subscribers.