insert about 1000 images into seprate posts automatically from media library or directory

I'm looking for a plugin that will insert about 1000 images into seprate posts automatically from media library or directory. this way I can have comments for each picture and people can post them to Facebook from my site. this is also advertise my site as well.
I tried NextGen plugin but its a gallery plugin. Also doesn't have comments for each image. Looking for separate posts for each image.

I could import by csv but I don't have the knowledge of what tables are required or the sql to do it.
Would rather a plug in
The site its for is.

  • DavidM
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    Hi n2rga,

    I don't really know how that could better be done than perhaps by doing a CSV import, though I'm not sure of a way to add images with a CSV import, except perhaps using a premium plugin like CSVPiG or TurboCSV.

    I'll run this by some of the other guys over here as well in case they have any ideas.


  • HamRadioDude
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    DID IT Yaaaaa!!!! used CSV Importer 0.3.7 plugin
    1. I took 862 images and uploaded them to the media library 50 images or so at a time by highlighting the and clicking ok after they were all uploaded.
    2. Then I made a test post with the first image and clicked on center image and then filled in the Alt Field.
    3. I then went to the database and exported the posts table to CSV custom export and picked tables on 1st line.
    4. Loaded the exported csv file in MS Excel, this is how I got the list of all the image locations and list of file names without the .jpg extension for the alt=
    I did a lot of find and replacing with edit plug to put all the data together into a csv file to import.
    CSV Importer 0.3.7 comes with sample csv file.
    5. there was a lot of trial imports before I realized I didn't need the \"
    Here is my first 2 lines of the csv so it will make someone else's life easier to do this. I imported images into an existing Blog. you can do the same with posts / articles if you want
    Here is my sample csv. save to a txt file and load with excel to view

    1-TheJokeForumBlog,"<p style=""text-align: center;""><a href=""""><img class=""aligncenter"" title=""1-TheJokeForumBlog"" src= alt=""1-TheJokeForumBlog.gif"" /></a></p>",post,"picture,image,funny pic",12/10/2011 15:43,Funny Pictures
    2-TheJokeForumBlog,"<p style=""text-align: center;""><a href=""""><img class=""aligncenter"" title=""2-TheJokeForumBlog"" src= alt=""2-TheJokeForumBlog.jpeg"" /></a></p>",post,"picture,image,funny pic",12/10/2011 15:43,Funny Pictures

    Please if you find this post useful Send me some points so I can get 1,000 before my year is up because honestly, I can't afford this and I love this place These developers ROCK!!

  • HamRadioDude
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    I know this was posted 9 months ago but I wanted to follow up on this. The way I did it Worked perfectly If anyone need sample CSV file let me know and I can send it to you.
    The way I did it though was a sample post then exported the post and loaded in excel and started building the CSV File the way CSV Importer 0.3.7 plugin wanted it.

    In fact I just did another import on anther site and Purchased turboCSV and let me tell you that one worked perfectly I used it on the current Directory Plugin import of about 1500 listings with Screenshots. :->

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