Install a new site on a current site and convert from Drupal

I have a Drupal install :slight_frown:. I want it to be WordPress :slight_smile:

I have NO idea how to install WordPress/Buddypress without taking down the Drupal site first and losing access to everything I need to copy and paste.

What I hope to do is have both sites up concurrently, if only for a few hours so I can copy and paste.

Can I set up the WP install on a different URL? Do all the building, then move it to the other site once it’s done? I assume after I take down the Drupal site, I could install WP on it and then move from the different URL the SQL database? But there must a config file or something I would need to change after the move.

Or, could I install the WP in a subdirectory or subdomain and move it later?

Any clarification will be gladly posted and you’re welcome to email me