Install and setup WordPress Multisite

My goal is to have WordPress setup with all the recommended security. And then activate multisite. I have an account and the primary domain on my server is Both are registered domains. I have a small group of clients who I'm designing websites for. And one for myself. So I want those domains to be included under the WordPress multisite. So I want to be my "network" and all the others, including, to be managed under it using WordPress with myself as the administrator.

I have Linux cPanel. I followed step-by-step instructions to install WordPress in it's own subdirectory. I can see that install at

I didn't continue with any of the other security recommendations. I thought maybe those should/could be done later. But it doesn't matter at this point because I can't activate multisite.

I followed step-by-step instructions (I used Codex docs, found a ton of others, and some YouTube instructors from the Codex group. they all say the same thing). I edited "wp-config.php" file with the line of code to activate Multisite:

define('WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE', true);

I inserted it right above the line:
That's all. Stop editing. Happy blogging"

Then I reload my Dashboard for and I'm not getting what the tutorials show. The code I edited in wpconfigphp should be triggering the "Create a Network of WordPress Sites" with all the additional instructions. Right? But it's not there.

What am I doing wrong? I suspect I've done something stupid with the directories. I'm including a screenshot of File Manager in my cPanel. I exploded the tree so you can see what I've got. I've been working on this for over a week. I'm exhausted and frustrated. Ready to go find a Gutenburg press and just print a newsletter the old fashioned way! LOL. Thanks for your help. (if I had a Gutenburg I probably wouldn't be doing any of this as I'm sure I'd be quite wealthy)