Install different themes for Wordpress and Buddypress under one site

I am running Genesis by Studiopress using the Church child theme.

However, I want to install Magazine theme for Buddypress whilst still having the Church child theme, under Genesis, on my main site.

I cannot find anywhere on WP DEV how to do this. A video tutorial would be FANTASTIC!

I have enabled Buddypress on the site. It is all screwed up! All the Buddypress content appears UNDER the main site.

I have not activated the Magazine theme yet as the buddy[ress code is all screwed up - scared it may stuff up all the work I have TRIED to do thus far and take over the Church theme.

Not having much luck with plugins - but I will plug away at it (lame joke - but did it bring a smile?).

I am in Melbourne, Australia. If anyone is on this timeline (7.40pm now) I would appreciate the help.

I can't add any screenshots through any browser - IE, Chrome or Firefox.


  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    HI Judie,

    Please feel free to correct any misunderstanding on my part but I gather you're trying to activate two themes on a single site? If so, that's just not a possibility with WordPress. Something to that effect might be achieved using a page template, though.

    Also, assuming you've got multisite enabled, BuddyPress would by default affect the main site when activated. BuddyPress does require a BuddyPress compatible theme as well, so you would notice problems with the display if you attempted to activate it without a compatible theme. The Magazine theme is BuddyPress compatible though, so you shouldn't see a problem activating it.

    Let us know how that goes for ya! And again, feel free to let me know if I've misunderstood ya there! :slight_smile:

  • GNM
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    I have bought the GenesisConnect plugin for Studiopress to allow Buddypress to work.

    Now the home page has been taken over by BuddyPress. I have gone through the Buddypress manual but the information does not appear anywhere.

    So I have the one theme *Church" but maybe it should be in a different folder?

    All I want is my main site to be up front. Buddypress separate page.

    OR should I just make a subpage up and link to it through a tab or widget from the main site?

    I also want it as a membership site.


  • GNM
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Figured that Phil!

    What CAN be done is if you have a sub-site (eg. ) you can use another template and link to that site through a tab.

    Started to do this but found a plugin that did the trick - my template (which I paid for) was Buddypress compatible BUT I did not know I had to buy another plugin to actually make Buddypress work.

    I did not see the link that said I had to pay more to get the 2 working.

    Now I am trying to widen the template and adjust template files. Blah!

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