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I understand the features and benefits of the WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin, however I do not want to install it.

So how do I remove this 'BIG RED' Warning Notice at the top of my Dashboard?

"Easily get updates, support, and one-click WPMU DEV plugin/theme installations right from in your dashboard - install the free WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin. (find out more)"

Shaun Rodgers

  • Alexander
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    HI @shauncr,

    For many reasons, and conflict avoidance being one of the biggest, we can't at all recommend not using the WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin. You can see more about this here:

    It is possible to remove warning notice, but you will need to modify the plugin to achieve this.

    Also, it seems the biggest reason people don't want to use the dashboard is because of the notices it provides. I don't think everyone realizes that you can turn these off. (see screenshot)

  • shauncr
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    To be honest I'm not actually asking for anyone to recommend wether I use the WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin or not - that decision is already made.

    The only WPMU Dev Plugins/Themes I will be using is the Video Tutorials, nothing else.

    Can you tell me which file I need to edit to make the changes to prevent / remove the Warning 'Demanding' I install the unwanted plugin, it is quite annoying.

    And as you stated in a number of your comments, you do not want your plugins to be 'obtrusive or annoying'

    ps: the only way to dis-able the Notices is AFTER the plugin has already been installed!



  • Alexander
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    the only way to dis-able the Notices is AFTER the plugin has already been installed!

    Yes, that is correct. It requires the WPMU DEV dashboard.

    Modifying the code is different for every plugin, so I can't give you exact instructions Most of them involve a separate php file containing the update class. The update class is usually included from the plugins main php file. If you remove that reference, it won't fire up the update notification. The line of code will look like this:

    include_once 'core/wpmudev-dash-notification.php';

    Removing that will remove the notices. We can also provide a simple way to remove the notices on multiple plugins but this does involve installing a small lightweight plugin.

    Of course you do this at your own risk entirely, and we can't really support the outcome of what could happen. I understand if your decision has already been made, but I should at least explain some of the risks here:

    If for example, someone uploads a plugin to with the exact same folder name as one of our plugins and you click "update" for it. It will erase the WPMU DEV plugin and install a plugin you may know nothing about.

    This is just one of the reasons we would rather you avoid doing this.

    From our update notification page:

    Conflict Avoidance – The plugin repository is fantastic; however, their is a MAJOR issue with their autoupdate feature. It identifies and updates plugins by the folder name alone. So, imagine you have have our Membership Pro plugin installed but you don’t have our WPMU DEV Dashboard. When we release the next lite version on, WordPress will tell you there is an update ready. You update it and then find out that you’re now on the lite version.
    What if it was worse, and you were updating to a totally different plugin/theme with a similar name (same folder) that compromises your data? Frustrating to say the least! Our Dashboard plugin protects you from this automatically, so take it easy because we’ve got your back with our WPMU DEV Dashboard!

    If it's branding you don't want then you can remove that easily with this constant in your wp-config file:

    define(‘WPMUDEV_HIDE_BRANDING’, true);

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    Hello again @drstool,

    That kind of language is unacceptable and forbidden by our terms of service:
    I don't see what ethics allow you to post stuff like that in public forums, verbally abusing other people and staff.

    If you are against spammers, then please avoid posting on other people's threads as this simply sends unnecessary email on their inboxes.

    If you take a few minutes to actually read about what the dashboard plugin does instead of cussing in forums, I'm sure you'll find that it has lots of benefits and features.
    As I already posted on your other thread, you can hide it very easily.

    I will be closing this thread to avoid any further spam emails going to users that don't need it, since this is a pretty old post.

    Please avoid re-opening old and obsolete threads.


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