Installation and everything went smoothly for my first wordpress multisite. Issue I came across and did step by step is:

Installed Theme > Network Activated
Created a new site >

Logged in as the demo user to activate the theme and I get the following message:

You attempted to access the "A WordPress Site" dashboard, but you do not currently have privileges on this site. If you believe you should be able to access the "A WordPress Site" dashboard, please contact your network administrator.

If you reached this screen by accident and meant to visit one of your own sites, here are some shortcuts to help you find your way.

Weird thing is too obviously when I click the Visit Dashboard link (as demo user) I get the same message, which I understand, because "demo" isn't the network administrator.

  • Ash
    • WordPress Hacker

    Hello Matthew Valadez

    Thanks for enabling support access. I have tried to login at your demo subsite using demo username, and I could successfully log in. I needed to change the password to login. So when you will try please make sure you change the password from super admin account.

    So now I assume you were trying to access main site admin using demo user, as demo user is not any user of main site so he doesn't have access. Subsite users can access only their subsites, not all subsites in the network.

    You can add an user to a subsite if you go to Network Dashboard > Sites > Edit that site > Users tab > Add existing user > Give the username and add that user to the subsite. The procedure is same if you want to add a subsite user to a main site.

    Hope it helps :slight_smile: Please feel free to ask more question if you have any.


  • Matthew Valadez
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    Appreciate you looking into this. I understand all what you said, but didn't resolve my issue or I'm just totally missing something, since I'm new to the multisite.

    What I'm trying to do is create a MLM network of sites for users that want a blog with other features. Hence the "demo" site would be for advertising so users can see what they would get.

    Logging into the demo site it won't let me activate the theme that's network enabled. Gives the error from my first post and wants to redirect me via the main dashboard when obviously demo doesn't have admin rights for even that dashboard.

    Hopefully I explained this throughly and if not I can always make a quick video

  • Matthew Valadez
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    Issue may be resolved, but still waiting on a few things

    What was found is that the client is using managed wordpress via Godaddy, which is where the multisite was first installed. The issue is something with the DNS without the www is what's causing "demo" user for instance to keep redirecting back to the main site's dashboard and would display error messages.

    Client upgraded to a VPS, so now I have to wait and do the installation all over again, but hopefully without any issues like before

    • Matthew Valadez
      • Flash Drive


      VPS was setup couple of days ago.
      Reconfigured DNS settings for the VPS.
      Installed Wordpress
      Activated Wordpress Multisite using sub-domains and it gave me an wild card error.

      * A record is pointing to IP address
      Created sub-domain with *

      So don't know if I have to wait the time period or I'm missing something :disappointed:

      After some Wildcard research I came across the issue under cpanel. The "*" sub-domain Document root was incorrect. Had to change it to /public_html and now so far everything works.

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