Installation instructions incomplete

I'm attempting to install Multi-Domains but see that the installation instructions are incomplete.

I have Multisite enabled... no sub-sites created.
In my /wp-content directory, there isn't an /mu-plugins directory. Am I to create and upload the contents there or is there an installation problem with Multisite?

Just need some clarification so I can install properly.


  • Kimberly


    Hi and Welcome to WPMUdev forums!

    Yes, you should create the directory if you do not have it. :slight_smile:

    Atlanta has given you spot on advice here!

    My apologies for the lack of clarification. We are working at the moment to update all of our documentation, but it's taking a while as we are splitting them all over only a couple writers, eek! I will mark your comment to be considered in the update for this one, promise :slight_smile:

    Let us know if you have any further questions!


  • KhakiMan

    I did manage to find instructions on the mu-plugins in another thread. A link to those instructions should be added to the Multi-Domains instructions.

    In the Multi-Domains zip file, in the /mu-plugins directory, there were a few subdirectories with files (js and language, I think). Should I include those in the /mu-plugins directory on my site?

    But, after using Multi-Domains it isn't exactly what I need. I don't want subdomains... I actually need multiple domains using the standard and for my sites. Does the Domain Mapping plugin handle this? If so, I guess I'll have to upgrade my membership (grumble, grumble).


  • Kimberly

    Domain Mapping will allow you to map your subdirectories to a top level domain. For instance, you user creates but wants to use as the url. This is where Domain Mapping comes in.

    If you want multiple top level domains, with no subdomains then these will be separate wordpress installs.

    In either case you will need to contact your host to ensure that you are set up to create subdomains or wildcard domains

    I am sorry this tool did not do what you were after. We strongly suggest reading all product info and the installation and use instructins on all plugins before purchasing, just to be sure :slight_smile: Perhahps we can help lead you in the right direction with a little more info :slight_smile:



  • KhakiMan

    Well, it looks like I'll be abandoning Multisite nearly altogether. I researched this for quite a while and it was never clear that Multisite couldn't handle multiple top level domain based sites. Descriptions of Multisite and corresponding plugins should refer to "multiple sub-sites", not "multiple sites or websites." While a small distinction, it is a huge difference.

    I was hoping to quickly create a network of sites using mostly the same features and sharing user accounts. Multisite almost does this.

    With the URL rewriting capabilities within Wordpress, you would think full top-level domain websites was a capability.

    I may have a use for Domain Mapping for one site I have in mind, but the other 40+ will have to go the separate, manual creation route. Ouch!

    Thanks for your help

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