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We’ve been using the domain mapping plugin for a few years and have always followed the instructions which indicate placing sunrise.php in wp-content and domain-mapping.php into mu-plugins. The newer versions of the plugin also include a classes and images folders and the like, which aren’t used or uploaded if you follow the instructions as it looks like the instructions are a bit out of date …. What are proper installation instructions?

  • Barry
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    At the moment the plugin can either be installed as per the current instructions (copy domain-mapping.php to the mu-plugins directory and sunrise.php to wp-content), or it can be installed as a standard network plugin (copy the domain-mapping directory to the plugins directory and network activate).

    We are moving towards the latter being the standard method, and from the next release that will be the recommended method. This is primarily because it allows us easier control over the location of the translation files (.po and .mo) which has always been troublesome with plugins uploaded to the mu-plugins directory.

    If you need the plugin to be translatable now, then the latter is the method to go, as the original instructions mean that the translation files are not uploaded and therefore not used.

    I’ll make sure that we update the installation instructions so that both methods are shown.

  • Tracy
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    Barry, thank you for the fast response…. updated to network activate method and sunset.php is still required in wp-content … if anyone is wondering.

    Just a heads up, the 301 redirect is actually a 302 temporary redirect unless the “true” are added per below on lines 791 to 793. I’ve brought this up in a few threads and you actually wrote the fix a couple of years ago but it still hasn’t been implemented in the plugin … just a heads up. :slight_smile:

    ‘ Header( “Location: ” . $url . $request, true, 301);

    } else {

    Header( “Location: ” . $url . $_SERVER[ ‘REQUEST_URI’ ], true, 301 );

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