Installatron & Softaculous issue after Defender hardening.

Those developers using their script deployment tool to do the backups are finding their files are backing up but databases are not.

This is because they are outside WordPress and not reading wp-config.php for the latest database prefix when hardening has been completed.

Fix for Installatron


Installatron -> Application -> Files & Tables -> Table Prefix field.

As a hint they'll have database tables with a prefix that is different to the original one. These will not be ticked for backup.

Change to the new prefix with the trailing _.

Then click on Save All at the bottom.

In some cases they need to re-enter the same page to edit that application and check that the tables have auto-selected for backup then click on Save All again.

Their backup schedule will return to normal after this.

I'm sure softaculous is a similar process.

Had a couple of developers delete their database and files and try going back to a restore point and only then realised it was missing the database.

Even if you don't add support for it you should put more emphasis on clients that have control panel based backups configured.

I'm about to send off a ticket to both of them to see if they can implement an auto update or warning option when the tables it's expecting no longer exist to help catch on their side also.