Installed my-custom-css and now site broken again

OMG!!! I decided to try to remove the 'categorized as text' on the bottom of the appointment page. Found a forum topic how to do it using my-custom-css plug in and the code:
div.mp_product_categories {
display: none;

It worked great! EXCEPT!!!

Now Im back to the issue I had BEFORE upgrading to the latest MP and A+ versions. Every time you make an appointment it creates a variable on the product detail page for appointments. When this happens the 2nd appointment you try to make pulls a $0 cost. If you delete all variables it works....for just one appointment then its broke again!

I have deleted the my-custom-css plug in. I cannot take the chance it will break the site again after getting this fixed....but WHAT CHANGED elsewhere???

I dont want to uninstall the MP plug in and then hope it works and still have to redo all the work ive done.

please help.