Installed Pro-Sites, Configured It, But how can visitors sign up for sites? where's the form?

Hey guys!

Just downloaded and installed Pro-Sites. configured the settings, etc.

So the next step is to add a "sign up" form to our homepage so people can start signing up for blogs, right?

But how do I embed the sign-up form into my actual website?

That's the one step I just don't see explained anywhere. :slight_smile:

Looks like all the links to the manuals are down (bringing up the shiny new 404 error page with the developer profile on them lol), and I don't see that detailed in the "install" tab on the product webpage.


  • Jennifer
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Thanks guys.

    @Joe I'm a little confused here... I know about this default WordPress "create a login" page

    But as part of the Pro Sites system, I was expecting some sort of intuitive sign-up form as part of the Pro Sites tool? Something that allows you to create a login and choose your paid plan. :slight_smile:

    i.e. we're not setting up free sites, the idea is for people to sign up for paid memberships, but this has to be very simple and in one place.

    Please advise.


  • Amar Gautam
    • Flash Drive

    Hi Jennifer,

    Pro-site only manages your subscription. You need to use the built in wordpress signup process for registering users.

    Since the wordpress already has signup built in, there was no need to reinvent the signup process within the pro-site. If you need custom solutions, you will have to create one for yourself.

    But to ease your difficulty you can do following two things to get your custom sign up form -

    1. Create your own code and put that in functions.php and add a short code for it. Once you do that, place that short code to your page where you want your users to signup. You can do the same for login too. You can use css to make your sign up and login forms beautiful.

    2. If you are ready to pay a few extra bucks, grab Formidable Pro and you get a registration module free. Set up your registration form and configure the registration module. Then you will be able to put that form anywhere into your website.

    Let me know if this helped.

    If you need the code to put the functionality of signup or login in your functions.php, let me know.

  • Jennifer
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hey Amar, not familiar with Formidable Pro, but we use Gravity Forms extensively and love the super solid product and support - looks to be similar functionality.

    Gravity Forms also has a "User Registration" module, that can create the user account AND can create a WordPress "site" in the MultiSite network if setup.

    What I'm trying to clarify - how can I bring together on the same sign-up form page the creating on the user login, and the "site in the network", and taking the payment info. :slight_smile:

    so let's say we use a Gravity Form to fill out the user's name, select a login, pick a name for his "site", i.e. "". great.

    but if I add payment fields on that form - is there a way to call some Pro Sites API to process that payment and get this account registered in Pro Sites so it can continue the billing and management going forward?

    so to summarize:
    I'm trying to keep it on the same page on the front end - to make it super simple for the person that is there to purchase a site on the network - making it simple for this person to enter their name, pick a login and site name, enter payment info, choose a plan, and hit "submit" to make it happen - like a standard purchase type process. :slight_smile:

    Then when he clicks "Submit", we process the payment, then create the login and the network site for him and auto log him in.

    also we have no need to create logins or sites for people who have not paid,these actions should only be done for people who have paid and are now part of this service.

    Does that make sense? :slight_smile:


  • Amar Gautam
    • Flash Drive

    You can do that if you write your custom code for sign up and place it in functions.php and add a shortcode. Place that shortcode in your registration page. Also redirect the signup.php page to the registration page you just created.

    Now what to write in the code -

    You need to write the form and the submit action should be to take them to them to PayPal for payment option. Use the API username, password and signature to direct the user to the paypal website. Once the user pays, redirect them to your website to the pre configured IPIN url. I think you need to configure the IPIN notifications manually in PayPal. Once your IPIN notification is received by your Pro-Sites plugin, you will have the user upgraded to premium.

    But there is something that still happens if the user does not pay on the paypal page or the payment fails. Your user is still created. Now how to work that around is a question still.

    I have a solution that you may not like but I thought I should still share it with you.

    Do following settings in your Pro-Sites -

    Got to Pro-Sites > Modules/ Gateways and then enable Pay to Blog

    This will force the user to pay before he starts using your system. But what happens if the user still does not pay. The account still remains there.

    You can always write a cron-job to clean up users who are not active for say last 30 days. This should be done on the database side.

    It sounds complicated and I am not sure if you want to do this. But at the moment this is what I can think of.

  • Jennifer
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    I'm planning to use Gravity Forms User Registration, and PayPal Payments Pro Add-On.

    This will make sure that the user account is not created unless the payment is successful. (I'm assuming they're using the same IPN information that you referenced above.

    So I just need to somehow get this information from the Gravity Form Add On to Pro-Sites...

    Hmmm... Here's a good post from PayPal on IPN Daisy Chaining - maybe this is the answer:

  • ProSapien
    • The Crimson Coder


    I had the same problem you describe: no built-in way to guide new users through the process. Because of this, I wrote my own instruction page for my customers. You can see it here: PopCred Network signup.

    Ideally, there would be a step-by-step process built into the system that clearly explained *to the user* what to do. But this is working for me at this point.

  • Jennifer
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    @ProSapien - thanks for sharing this flow. indeed, it would be nice to see these steps built into the system end to end. :slight_smile: are you finding people make it all the way through this flow fairly consistently?

    @Amar - thanks, that's our concern as well, don't want to have the "empty" accounts sitting around from half completed transactions. :slight_smile:

    @Aecnu indeed- trying to figure out if there is a viable way to move forward with Pro Sites on this - we definitely want the "blog package" concept that Pro Sites provides (ability to choose a plan that has it's own set of plugins/themes/etc).

    It's just the billing aspect of it from beginning to end that i'm not sure how to make work for our needs. :slight_smile:


  • CastleMediaGroup
    • New Recruit

    Sorry, but it is completely baffling to me how you would create a system like this but not provide a shortcode, an api hook or registration page link to allow users to easily and intuitively reach a registration page, select the level of site desired, find the payment page, etc.. Advice like "write some code and stick it in the functions page" is not too helpful without knowing how to hook into the levels functionality of the plugin.

  • aecnu
    • WP Unicorn

    Greetings CastleMediaGroup,

    I little over one year and two months ago I had never laid my hands on WordPress.

    When I did I stumbled upon WPMU Dev and their plugins and built in two months.

    I used Microsoft Front Page to design just about everything and then started working with Dreamweaver until I ran into WordPress as a CMS.

    In the year that followed as a regular WPMU Dev I submitted a total of 9 tickets and one of them was complaining about the new admin bar in WordPress.

    Therefore I am simply astounded at folks having so much trouble with this when it seemed so obvious to me then, as a matter of fact so obvious that I answered so many tickets as a regular member I was offered the opportunity to become part of the staff. The rest is history.

    The challenge is concepts and persistence.

    Using persistence working with WordPress and the plugins I learned the concepts that made the learning curve extremely fast on how the rest of this works in just a couple of months.

    No I am not some whipper snapper that is a local computer whiz kid, I am 50 years old (I was 49 then) and I can build these things in my sleep now.

    I was determined not to fail, to figure these things out and how they worked by trial and error and my only "advantage" was being a network (LAN and WAN) and server (CentOS Linux) specialist with a great memory.

    This is not about bragging or thinking that I am greater then thou type post, I am simply trying to point out that with eyes wide open, paying attention to detail, and trial and error the concepts will come fast and then one can build, build, build.

    May you all enjoy creating GREAT innovative WordPress web sites and learn the concepts at lightening speed.

    Cheers, Joe

  • jonnylons
    • Flash Drive

    So, is this recommended? Should you grab the Gravity Forms Developers license and integrate it with the Pro Sites plugin?

    I too am trying to find an easier way to get members to sign up. I really don't want to have to deal with coding as I think there are a ton of options already available.

    Basically, I want members to sign up, create an account (which they would use as a part of Buddypress) and then opt to create a blog with the option to upgrade. That option will remain on the table should they need it, and I think that is where the Pro Sites plug in comes into play.

  • cchalmers
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    I have been hunting all day in this forum and in the ProSites documentation for the shortcode or hook that would put the signup table and signup form on my site. Now I know that such a thing doesn't exits...... Disappointed.

  • aecnu
    • WP Unicorn

    Greetings Folks,

    We hear you about the short code feature request in this ticket though it is resolved as a plugin ticket but for any remote chance of making this possibly happen we need a new ticket in feature requests with an applicable title i.e. Shortcode for Pro Sites or something to that effect.

    And then visit the ticket and give it your personal +1.

    Cheers, Joe

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