Installed Wiki and it can't find it

It's installed on
It's a WP multiuser with 5 subdomains.
Its's installed in the author's hangout, subdomain
When I 1st installed the plug-in, I did not network activated as I thought I would only need it on one or 2 subdomains.

Configured, categories, tags, etc. The initial set up looked fantastic.
comes up and says Oops, That wasn't found

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Perhaps you can find what you're looking for below.

- See more at:

The see more is not visible on the screen, but it's basically the URL for the wiki.

Tried new theme 20 11/, 20/2013, and network theme.

All have the same problem!

uninstalled, reinstalled plug-in, and this time network activated it.

Un activated several plug-ins no difference.

look at the terms on the plug-in all of normal 755, with the exception of the PHP library, which are 644.

I'm lost need help, she really looks like a greatprogram.